My name is Athina Avagianou. I was born and raised in Athens and my origin is from Lesvos Island. I studied Law at LILLE II University in France and later at the Democritus University of Thrace. From 2001 to 2016 I worked as a legal advisor in large companies. In 2016 I move to Madrid for family reasons and I came across Coaching for the first time. It’s there that I found out that there are options even when everything seems deadlocked. That the difficulties are not permanent. That happiness is an inner, personal choice. There I realized how much I believe in the power that all people -without exception- hide inside them, how much I am attracted by the idea of ​​contributing to the inner evolution of people and of having a positive effect, even the slightest, on their lives. That is where what we call a change of career takes place, with all the challenges that this entails. I was trained in Madrid, I was certified by the ICF (International Coach Federation) and I am now a coach.

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